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Project status 

Three chapters - One already completed:

Chapter Two

Status: Not yet started (15 Months)


  • Complete 4th draft through to a production-ready script

  • Complete animatic screening 4 through to production-ready animatic 

  • Commence production with the complete and final David & Goliath scene

Chapter Three

Status: Not yet started (20 Months)


  • Complete production to full movie

  • Previz (scouting)

  • Layout

  • Anim rough

  • Anim refine

  • Dressing

  • Look

  • Finaling

  • Lighting

  • Comp

  • EXR delivery

  • Sound

  • Edit

  • QC

Chapter One
Status: COMPLETED (2020)


  • Conduct initial research trip to Israel

  • Develop story and script

  • Deliver 5-minute animation proof of concept

  • Undertake extensive development and technological R&D.

  • Conduct further R&D trips to Israel

  • Refine script: 2nd and 3rd drafts completed

Complete story boards and two full-length animatic screeners  

  • Develop original music and score - by Grammy winner, Jonas Myrin

  • Design concept art for characters and environments 

  • Develop pipeline and technology

  • Recruit key creatives and technology Leads